Night Rolls Open

by The Andy Gibson Project

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Andy Gibson's second full-length album was recorded on a two week retreat in Raglan, New Zealand. The basis of the album was an individual effort of trying to create new sonic landscapes for existing songs. What came out is some distance from the shiny folk-rock of debut album "behind the i", but the meaning and the heart are still there.

There is something circus-y about Scales and Gracious Pirouette, while Indian Sky is soft and lush featuring dulcimer and the vocals of Caitlin Smith. Cello is a recurring feature throughout the album, forming an acoustic bridge between all the sequenced sounds and the vocals.


released August 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Andy Gibson Project Wellington, New Zealand

The Andy Gibson Project seeks to make sense of the puzzle we find ourselves in, writing honest songs around themes of emotional states and psychological (dys)function. Often hopeful, always cathartic, his songs are a genuine documentation of his journey. Also a sociolinguist, Andy chooses to maintain his New Zealand accent in his music as part of his search for the authentic self. ... more

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Track Name: Wistful Design
wistful by design
don’t complain about it
‘cause that’s what got us moving
Track Name: By The Lake
you must be real down
don’t you care for your own?
you must be real down
why won’t you answer your phone?

walking in the rain in the parking lot
you sure know how to pick a scenic spot, don’t you

your coat gets heavy as the raindrops drag it down
your capsized heart blows its whistle and prepares to drown
you hear a voice travel through the park
a subtle flicker glows in the dark
your feet are walking and you’re drawing near to this voice you hear
it’s calling

sit down by the lake with me
i built a fire where the earth was broken
i’ll listen to your words for free
and i’ll build a fire as the night rolls open

it seems so quiet even though i can hear the cars
down in your hideaway the road just seems so far
talking in the shadowy light of gold
your voice is young though your face is old
you’re a timeless soul, calling
Track Name: Scales
yeah i could make a big to-do list right now
i could stress, and i could run around and around
but i see now, there’s always more where that came from
and i want out just for a day or two

there are scales weighing every footstep
balancing the good and bad of every step i take
when i sit down, they set off an alarm
and it doesn’t stop until i run in circles again

yeah i could go to the park and sit down
i could watch the ants, they’re just like people running around
but i thought that we had some higher purpose
than to be insects caught in a spider’s web

are we the ones who know how to survive by together going slower
or are we the ones that they crush under their thumbs
you know, they keep us distracted to keep us from becoming one
Track Name: Tumbling
i am not tumbling
i want to feel in control
believe this will happen
in control

i am not lost yet
Track Name: Indian Sky
dawn under silver tinsel
the calm after the fight
the first moments of morning
and the last moments of night

battle each other, scatter and smother
my senses are under cover
the sun is a moon full every morning
today i will follow her journey

across the indian sky
i keep myself against the tide
hold my attention
centre of light

i took a boat to forever
all in the space of three days
the clocks all stopped their ticking
and the rush went away

and i was free then, no place to be then
my senses all became even
the sun was a moon full every morning
and i would follow her journey
Track Name: Go Easy
i see you walking down the other side of the road
you’re walking faster
i see you sitting at your desk
you’re working harder

i hear you’re coming up against problems and finding options to solve them
i hear you’re going running every morning while i’m still sleeping

so what have i learned?
was it just to give up,
have i learned to bend and to break at the slightest touch?
what have i gained by going easy on myself?
have i just learned to give it all away when it gets too much

i see you looking at the stars
your face reflects the moonlight
you look open, you look so calm
there’s depth in your eyes

look at all the barriers you’ve broken, the list falls to the floor
look at all the walls you’ve smashed open, you’re not trapped anymore

so what have i learned?
just to push on
to find a new way forward no matter how many times it all goes wrong
what have i gained by going easy on myself?
the strength to start it all again when it gets too much

go easy
Track Name: Gracious Pirouette
everything’s heavy when you’re down
purpose is lost in the clouds
and those who say they love you are just being kind to you

everything’s easy when you’re free
just to be where you want to be
just close the door and turn the key

as you graciously pirouette on a pinhead
those who really love you are doing the same as you
when you can’t force the spinning to synchronise
once in every turn you can look in their eyes

everything’s darker when you’re down
but the world keep’s on spinning around
when the chemicals inside you are making you frown
Track Name: Barricade
still night, cross the bridge
walk the streets of an old city
as you cross the bridge you remember the calling
that you once ignored and just kept walking

your pain is distant
you carry it alone
you say a soldier’s world wasn’t made for tears
so you lock them in
and barricade the floodgates
a broken fist where your broken heart should be

memories walk, they walk across your face
you know they’ve set up camps and they’ve built cities
and they’re in the way
of a pure light
that’s shining deeper than the hollow

let’s open this, make it real
shine a light on it, so you can heal
Track Name: Within Reach
i’ll be beside you as the memories grow
i’ll be beside you when you can’t sleep at night
and i trust in it now, wherever you may go

i’ll be within reach of you
i will be looking out for you

we are together now like never before
the world is ours now, to explore
and you can trust in it now, wherever we may go

promises don’t come lightly with me
i’ve thought this through
and i want to be with you
Track Name: My Zero
there is no time, it’s an illusion
there is no past, only a memory
all we have is this moment
all we’ve ever had is this moment

‘til the mystery breaks open
and we fall into the sky
to all our pushing, all our fighting
we will turn and say goodbye

there is no time, it’s an illusion
no future, only an invitation
all we have is this moment
all we’ll ever have is this moment

to all our pushing, all our fighting
we will turn and say goodbye
as we approach zero
which may just be infinity
who’s to know?