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This is an unofficial EP of demos largely written and recorded in January 2013. They are rough recordings and rough mixes - but what's the point in making all these tracks all the time if nobody ever hears them!

Curator note 20 Jan 2014:
'Driver's Seat' and especially 'Loner' should now be considered to be tracks by Libertyburden, Andy's new project which includes harsher, more experimental material. Since these tracks were originally included in this Andy Gibson EP, I'm leaving them here, but have changed the track-listing to put them at the end.


released January 31, 2013

All songs written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed etc. by Andy Gibson



all rights reserved


The Andy Gibson Project Wellington, New Zealand

The Andy Gibson Project seeks to make sense of the puzzle we find ourselves in, writing honest songs around themes of emotional states and psychological (dys)function. Often hopeful, always cathartic, his songs are a genuine documentation of his journey. Also a sociolinguist, Andy chooses to maintain his New Zealand accent in his music as part of his search for the authentic self. ... more

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Track Name: Love From Ego
There’s been a dissenting voice inside me
Crying for its right to be free to be silent
I’ve been making so much noise,
so many apologies
Ego’s a malevolent king
If it’s not ok to be silent and unseen
Dear conscience,
Pay attention to the space I never knew
I was filling it to distract you
you never needed me.

Love from Ego.

I bid you farewelll and set you free

Love from me.
I stepped over the line
Didn’t even take off my shoes before i came into the shrine
I thought that was yours was automatically mine
I stepped over the line
I was scared and i wanted comfort
We wouldn’t be lifted out of the fire
I was afraid and you were so solid
You had all of the faith and none of the denial
Track Name: Postures
I’ve spent my life looking back
Even when I was a child
All these postures of closing
Mind, body, soul
But I know postures of opening,
I know it is possible
to open, to open, to open
Mind, body, soul
So when I walk down the street
I listen to a new song
As a posture of opening
Track Name: Driver's Seat
How does it feel to be real?
How does it feel to know yourself and be yourself?
How does it feel to throw punches?
How does it feel to hold your ground?

I’ve been calling on experts to plan my days
I’ve been pulling in body doubles to sit in the driver’s seat

To be real – how does it feel to be real?
To be choosing to sit in the driver’s seat

I’ve known many ways to control my true desire
But I don’t know how it feels to call the shot
To throw punches to hold your ground
To stand up when you’re being pushed down
Track Name: Loner
Step in line
Get out of bed
This dream is mine
I won’t put it in your head
We tried to escape
They knew we were there
She tried to get me out
even though she was one of them
I was always a loner
I was always a loner
I was always a loner
There’s a little door I gotta keep it open